Ok, so about a pound and a half down after not losing any weight last week.  Still frustrating, but at least there is weight loss, again.

I am noticing that I have less cravings, now that I’m getting into a routine, three weeks in.  I still eat what I want to eat, but I’m working on thinking about why I want to eat it before I actually do so.  One helpful thing for that has been the simple question that Emma Romano shared in our interview: Is it life-giving, or life-taking?  If you ask yourself that question, you really have to be in self-sabotage mode to ignore the answer, and just asking myself that question has kept me several times from eating things that I really didn’t need to eat.

What do you do when you want to eat something that you know you don’t really need to eat?

Well, that was a kick in the pants.  After being frustrated last week for only losing a pound and a half, imagine my frustration this week at losing no weight at all.

So, it made me realize that I probably ought to be a little more detailed about what I’m actually doing so far, in terms of actions to lose weight.  I shared in the very first post about beginning the project for real, that I was increasing my activity level, managing my stress, and creating a routine so that I practice good habits more regularly.  So the question is, am I not doing what I said what I would do?  Or am I doing it, but it’s not really what I need to do, because it’s not producing results?

  1.  Creating a routine.
    Ok, so I am barely doing this, and that’s why I’m not getting better results.  The one thing that I’ve done well is that I get up in the morning and I go do some kind of light activity for 45 minutes.  Most days it has been splitting and stacking firewood.  While this is a good thing, it’s just not enough activity to move the needle, so in the second week I thought I’d add an afternoon walk, but I only did that twice the while week.  I must make a stronger commitment, if it’s going to work.
  2. Increasing my activity level.
    See above.  Here’s one thing that I have come to realize: at age 45, losing weight is nowhere near as easy as it was at age 25.  And when you’re 300 pounds, you don’t feel good being physically active, at first.  It’s uncomfortable.  But, as you do increase activity, it feels better pretty quickly!
  3. Managing my stress.
    This has actually been the easiest part so far.  The increased activity level, even though it’s not where it really needs to be, is helping, and I’m doing a good job of unwinding at the end of the day.

Here’s the biggest missing piece, so far: I’m not doing any self-hypnosis.  I keep putting it off, as I’m interviewing guests and collecting my thoughts about what I learn from them, but if I’m not doing self-hypnosis, then I’m not doing the change work on the inside with regard to my relationship with food.  That’s gotta’ happen.

Well, the first week didn’t go quite as planned.  I did GREAT for the first five days of the week, with regard to my main objectives from the earlier post I wrote.  I got up most mornings and went outside and split firewood so that I was getting some activity right away, and that was awesome.  I felt more alert and energized each morning.

I also did a good job of managing my desk time and giving myself breaks when working on things so that I didn’t get stressed.  I finished my days with some time to unwind, and I felt good all during the work week.

It was the weekend that got me.

Actually, it was working on the weekend that got me.  I had three stage hypnosis shows in a 24 hour period: 3am, 10pm, and 3am.  Having two nights in a row where I was up all night and then getting home at 6:30 in the morning threw me off, and I made bad food choices.  Even though I didn’t feel stressed, it was if my body was in some kind of stress mode, being up all night like that, and I kept eating as a way to keep myself awake.  Then, when I finished that crazy period, I was exhausted and I spent the next two days recovering, which was entirely comprised of me chilling out on the couch.  No activity, and bad food choices continued.

I wouldn’t be surprised if I lost three or four pounds on the front five days of last week, and then put half or more of it back on during Friday and Saturday.  Luckily, there are no more all-nighter’s on the calendar, so I can get back on track and stay on track this week.

So, for this week, here are my three points of focus:

  1. Increase activity level another notch.
    The morning exercise was good last week.  Low-impact and easy to stick with.  I’m going to continue that habit this week, and add a walk in the afternoon.
  2. Drink more water.
    Last week I didn’t even track my water consumption.  I think it’s something I should start paying attention to.
  3. Start practicing self-hypnosis.
    Maybe if I had been using self-hypnosis last week, I would not have been so easily triggered to eat shitty food on the work nights.  I have an interview coming up with a leading expert in self-hypnosis this week, so implementing some of what I learn from him should be helpful.


Alright, today I’m starting for real.  I weighed in this morning at 308 pounds.  So here’s the plan.

I’m starting my interviews with experts in hypnotism and related weight loss areas this week.  My hope is to gather the wisdom and experience of these experts and then create a comprehensive approach to weight reduction from what I learn from them.

Until I have formed that long-term plan and consistent approach to the lifestyle change that I desire, I’m going to start with some simple practices that I know are nearly always productive:

  1. Create a routine.
    Over the years, the highest performing people I’ve come into contact with are always people with solid routines.  My daily routine is one that formed without much thought or planning.   Time for that to change.  I’m going to create a routine from purposeful reflection and planning.  More on this in future posts.
  2. Increase my activity level.
    I have not exercised in a long, long time.  It’s easy to say that I’m in the worst shape of my life, and because of this, I want to be careful about getting back into exercise. I don’t want to overdo things and create an injury or result that road blocks my work.  Therefore, I’m going to start with daily walking, and an increased commitment to yard work.  There is plenty to do around the property that I’ve been neglecting, so getting more active in that area will make me feel really good about what it produces.
  3. Manage my stress.
    The top activator of unnecessary eating, for me, is stress.  Up until now, I have often used food as a distraction and a form of self-medication.  So, if this is to stop, then I’m going to have to actively work at managing my stress on a daily basis using self-hypnosis and exercise.

If I can focus on these three things for the week, it will be a good start to the project.  Let’s see how it goes.