Another week of weight gain, and while I didn’t always make good food choices while traveling, I still think this gain is more about stress and travel bloating than actual food intake weight gain.  The good news is that my busy annual tour is now officially complete, and I’ll be home more often, and can settle back into a routine.  The first thing that needs to happen is I need to drink more water. I’ve been absolutely horrible about my water intake.

I think it’s time to start exploring some new food recipes.  With all the traveling I’ve been doing, I haven’t been cooking at all, and I love to cook.  Normally, with fall approaching, I’d be cooking more comfort food, but I want to break out of that habit and cook some healthier stuff that is still comforting.

What’s your favorite source of healthy AND delicious recipes?

Last week was my busiest week of the fall, as I traveled for seven consecutive days and performed at five different venues in four different states.  When I travel a bunch like this, I find that I get bloated pretty easily, so I’m hoping that the increase is really just water weight, but we’ll see.  I have to continue traveling next week for work, so it could be a bit before my body gets back to normal.