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Candice Trudel Talks Nutrition

I think that if you want to reduce your weight, there’s no magical solution, no one thing, that’s going to do it for you.  There has to be a comprehensive lifestyle shift that addresses the multiple variables that come together to affect how we eat, exercise, and behave in other ways that affect our weight.  […]

The F Word

I hate failing. I can’t stand failure.  Well, that’s not entirely true. I can stand it just fine, when it’s other folks who are failing.  I can be encouraging and remind people that failing is part of the learning process, and I genuinely mean it when I say it.  I truly understand and believe that […]


New Year’s Eve: A Confession

It’s the last day of 2019.  The end of a decade. I haven’t posted anything here since September.  That alone gives you a hint about how things have been going. It’s been, to be honest, an abysmal failure. This morning I weighed in at 308.7 pounds, so after seven months I’m .3 pounds lighter than […]


298.6 pounds

Another week of weight gain, and while I didn’t always make good food choices while traveling, I still think this gain is more about stress and travel bloating than actual food intake weight gain.  The good news is that my busy annual tour is now officially complete, and I’ll be home more often, and can […]


297.6 pounds

Last week was my busiest week of the fall, as I traveled for seven consecutive days and performed at five different venues in four different states.  When I travel a bunch like this, I find that I get bloated pretty easily, so I’m hoping that the increase is really just water weight, but we’ll see.  […]


297 pounds

I spent the last week traveling around the country, performing stage hypnosis shows for colleges.  Lots of flying, airports and hotels, and driving rental cars to the performance venues.  It’s not helpful in terms of supporting good eating habits.  You tend to look for food that’s convenient instead of food that’s healthy, and the hectic […]