I spent my 45th birthday in Phoenix, Arizona, at a four day live event organized by Brendon Burchard, one of the world’s top high performance consultants.  Brendon has published multiple best-selling books, his online trainings have been consumed by millions of people, and he has consulted for Anthony Robbins, Oprah, and more.  He’s no slouch.

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Think about what it’s like to be a fat hypnotist.  Generally speaking, consulting hypnotists are associated with the use of hypnotism for weight loss, smoking cessation, and stress management.  There are lots of other uses, some of which are truly incredible, but most clients come for “the big three” that I listed.

In the consulting world, it’s usually helpful for the consultant to model the outcomes that they are selling to their clients.  If you’re targeting weight loss clients, you probably should be at a healthy weight, yourself.  I was overweight when I started in hypnotism in 2004, and my weight just kept increasing over the years.  So, I avoided weight loss clients.  I took them if they reached out to me for a session, because I knew that I was good at hypnotizing people, and I wanted to help folks, but I didn’t get many requests, because the visual impact is really quite simple.  Not inspiring.

How do you role model health and success when you’re obese?

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It’s a shocking number to me.  309 pounds.

If you told me when I was 20 years old that one day I would weigh 309 pounds, I would certainly have dismissed the idea with total confidence.  I was overweight at that time in my life, but not obese, and I didn’t see myself as “one of those people.” Plenty of people carry some extra weight, but obesity… well, that’s a whole other thing.  Those people are gluttons, or weak-willed, or something.  I mean, how do you let yourself get to that point?  Surely you can see that there’s a problem, and if you don’t do something about it, then it must be a kind of willful sabotage, right?


But here I am.  309 pounds.  How did it get to this?  What on earth happens, that a person lets themselves get this heavy, this unhealthy?

I’m sort of at a loss to even write about it.  Has this happened in your life?  Is it weird for you to think about?