The poison ivy has mostly gone away, but I’m still finishing my steroids regimen.  I itch all the time, still, and my whole body has a light pink rash.  The itching is so bad that it wakes me up at night sometimes, so my sleep quality is suffering, and there’s a link between poor sleep and weight gain, but I’m hoping the effect for me over the past week has been minimal.  It reminds me that I should get some guests on the show who are experts on the sleep/weight relationship.

In any case, weighing in down to 301 was a relief this week.  I didn’t make any significant changes to my diet or exercise regimen.  I’m still just focusing on only eating when I’m hungry.

This week I’m heading out to Marlborough, Massachusetts for the annual hypnotists’ convention, and that always gets me fired up about the work we do.  Perhaps I’ll start actively practicing self-hypnosis after spending a few days with my colleagues talking about varied strategies and approaches.

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