Well, I’m kind of hovering at this weight, and that’s frustrating when I first look at the scale, but then I think about how I’m not actually dieting, I’m not working out, and I’m eating whatever food I want.  I wouldn’t recommend this as a weight loss approach, but it is an important part of my exploration.  I’m really staying focused on the idea of re-learning to recognize when I’m truly hungry and when I just feel like eating.  It’s pretty fascinating.

I’m having days where I don’t eat until one or two in the afternoon, and it really doesn’t bother me at all.  The days when I’m struggling are the days when I’m stressed.  That’s when I catch myself eating sugary foods that I don’t really need, and eating food when I’m just not hungry.  I must do a better job of managing my self-care so that I’m not consuming these foods needlessly.

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