Nicholas Spohn is a cool dude.  He was briefly a professional mixed martial arts fighter, built a successful real estate business, and now uses hypnotism, neuro-linguistic programming, and other modalities to help people create positive changes in their lives.

When Nicholas was visiting my home awhile back, I was telling him about my frustrations with my weight, and how doubly frustrating it is to know hypnotism, yet not use if for weight loss.  He asked me if I had tried the Dickens process, and then explained why he thought it was such a powerful experience to have.  In this interview, we re-visit that conversation and go deeper on the topic.

The important takeaway from this interview that will benefit almost everyone is the reminder that human beings are generally more focused on avoiding pain than getting pleasure.  If you struggle with your weight, this may seem counterintuitive to you, since you get a lot of pleasure from food, but if you can shift your thinking to see that you’re using the pleasure of food to avoid the pain of _____, then you’ll have a better understanding of your own situation.  What pain is it that you are really avoiding?  And if you used the Dickens process, how could you envision much greater pains that have come from, are coming from, or will come from the way you use food?  When you skyrocket that pain response, you might be able to break out of the comfort of using food the way your currently do.

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